Life is tough all over. Almost everywhere I go these days I am hearing how hard life is. I know. Life can get pretty intense for preachers too. Life offers various challenges each day. However, challenges do not have to be negative. It is generally our outlook or attitude towards the challenge that determines if the challenge is going to be a negative or a positive. Think with me for a moment. Why do some people hear a cancer diagnosis and become devastated and negative when others hear a similar diagnosis and remain positive? Why does life get one individual down when similar circumstances in another’s life doesn’t bother him at all? What’s the deal?

The short answer is I don’t know. Yet, I will seek to make a few guesses. I believe faith is a large part of my personal joy and overall happiness. Faith in Christ and hope in eternity is painting a preferred future for me every day that I live. Therefore, I have an undying hope that tomorrow is going to be better than today. I am learning to see God’s growth plan for me working out through the hard times in my life. I don’t seek the negative experiences. I’m simply learning to go through them with hope that God is using them to shape me and help me become more faithful.

Ben Affleck and Gwenyth Paltrow starred in the 2000 movie Bounce. Bounce was a romantic film that was filled with the twists and turns of life. I learned a lesson from the movie that I still employ today. I have learned to bounce. When life hits you with the expected or the unexpected just bounce. When life blindsides me I hear these words in my head: bounce, bounce, bounce. In other words, Brian, don’t let it get you down you just have to bounce.

There can be an inherent problem with bouncing. If you bounce you are going to land somewhere. You must be sure that you are landing in the arms of love. The world claims to offer a safe place to land, but I’ll take Jesus’ claim. I bounce right into the arms of my Savior. Try it you might like it. It sure beats trying to live with constant defeat. I chose to bounce.

Pastor Brian